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Loves his wife, poker & cats. Wants to retire as a professional poker player & travel the world with his wife.


Loves his wife too! Travelling and diving are his favorites. An undergraduate in Finance & Nagging.


Chef De Partie in her previous job, currently an undercover glutton in JTE who has a Bachelor Degree in Sweet Tooth.


Loves anything that is Hello Kitty, hates anything that has more than 4 legs! Also, a part-time Food Critic.


Passive but definitely not aggressive. Secretly wants to be Gru from Despicable Me – aiming to rule the world with Minions & lots of laughter!

Nigel (DJ Simplexity)

Used to be a DJ but life wasn’t simple. Now as a Recruiter, life is complexed.

*Plays -Million Tears


Loves her cats Flatty & Romeow! Wishes to open a cat hotel and a fashion boutique but main goal is to become a “tai tai” ASAP.


He does not party, drink or smoke but he is fun, caring and humorous! Basically a perfect *ahem* boyfriend material *coughs*  (Sponsored Ad)


A coffee lover, serious and straightforward in nature. “Girly” stuffs are definitely not her thing. Sometimes, she actually thinks has a “man” soul.

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Elly Peng

Name’s Elly Peng, loves Elephant. ‘Nuff said. 


JTE’s very own Aquaman. Probably the only being who is able to drink and dive at the same time.


He can show you the world~ Shining, shimmering, splendid! Who else wants to join him in the pool? (He can’t actually swim though…)


Man with a dog + a lover back home.


Beware of her contagious laughter! Laughs very often, (or maybe a lil’ too much.) that sometimes we wonder if she can catch her breath…


Working hard to achieve all her goals & dreams. Possess a wide smile, she shines bright like a diamond!


Live for travelling and shopping~ Her greatest dream is to shop without looking at the price tags. Hopes to own a Bentley one day! 


Standing at 167 cm in height, 150cm legs & 17 cm in body. 

Recruitment Consultant



  • Perform full cycle recruitment.
  • Develop new account by performing cold-calling.
  • Follow up closely with clients on various positions openings.
  • Understand and liaise with HR & Hiring Managers for recruitment needs and market our services.
  • Negotiate terms & rates with clients depends on given requirement.
  • Source suitable candidates via different platforms.
  • Manage client relationship and act as an advisory role pertaining to employment matters. 

Other Details:

  • Location @ Jurong East, Westgate Tower
  • Monday – Friday, 5 days
  • 8.30 am – 5.30 pm (May require for OT)
  • Quarterly Event
  • Flexi-Benefits / Medical (Up $400)
  • Basic + Commission